Thursday, October 31, 2013

More pictures of the Dumagete, Sequijor Island area.
The boat arriving at Dumagete from Sequijor Island

Sequijor Island in the distance

Lookout tower on Sequihor.

San Juan, Sequijor

Apo Island

Gathering shells

Dumagete, Sequihor and Cebu. The Philippine Islands

     The Dumagete, Cebu and Sequihor area was struck by a very strong earth quake. My heart and prayers go out to the warm accommodating people of that area. The tragic loss of life and the devastation to that beautiful area was widespread. I am posting pictures of our travel to the area 3 years ago. I am sure some of the places in this blog pictured have been damaged. It is a very special place on this planet. We spent 3 weeks there and it was one of the most enjoyable excursions I have had in my life.
Here is the view of Manila  from our hotel before leaving for Dumagete

This is the form of transportation in Dumagete

These lookout towers were built by many churches. The purpose as explained to me was to be able to see when Malay pirates would approach the city. Many of these structures were toppled in the earthquake.

 This is the cathedral in central Dumagete.

 Dumagete as seen from the harbor.
 This was the Dumagete College original building. It is now a museum.

Sequihor Island

Sunday, October 27, 2013

More pictures of tropical flora.

Some unusual flora pictured here. These are from all around S.E. Asia.